Who are we.

At Innuba we don’t like to speak about ourselves, we are not that kind of people, we therefore asked a client, an Innuber and one of our mothers to talk about Innuba, about who we are and what we do.

The Innuba team has contributed their vision and skills to building the Corporate Purpose that inspires our company. They share with us a passion for people and their values, as true ambassadors of the company's vision.

Ignacio Sánchez VillaresChief Executive Officer Leroy Merlin Spain

Innuba is a free port, a place to take refuge and escape from short-termism and immediacy. A safehaven where a diverse spectrum of people can come together with a shared goal: to raise the awareness of organisations so that they can actively address their social responsibility, so that they can decide how they want to impact their human and natural environment, to define what kind of relationship they want to have with their base.

Oriol RodríguezInnuber

Hall these years, I have been listening to my son speaking about social impact, social projects, and helping companies be more committed to the planet, but if I am completely honest, I still don't know what exactly it is they do at Innuba.

Celia FernándezJose Carnero´s Mother


Innuba is comprised of a great team of people. Every project incorporates professionals from the fields of strategy, research, innovation, etc.

Ana Díez

Strategic Project Manager

Ana Granados

UX Research & Anthropology

Bárbara Gras

Project Manager

Borja Esnaola

Project Manager

David Alayón

Chief Foresight Officer & Co-Founder

José Carnero

Chief Creative Officer & Co-founder

Leire Repáraz Berrade

Project Manager

María García

Chief Executive Officer & Co-founder

Mónica Deu

Strategic Designer in Social Innovation

Nora Miralles

Strategic Designer

Pepo Jiménez

Editorial Director

Santiago Benítez

Digital Manager

Victor Gómez

Social Media Manager, Sociologist & Team builder

Expert Hub.

Leading professionals from numerous sectors join the Innuba team, according to the scope of the project and its objectives.


Fantastic people we can co-create, and collaborate with, and enrich each other.

Avenida Pablo Iglesias 17 Sótano 1, 28003 MADRID