At Innuba we take on complex challenges related to strategic consultancy, product and service design, and the narratives of impact Our approach is holistic, intentional, and collaborative, with methodology and metrics which show the reach of positive impact.

At Innuba, we take on the complex challenges of the present, understanding context through a systematic vision.

Through strategic investigation and identifying signs of shifting trends, we map out challenges and opportunities which shape our decision making.

With this understanding, we can imagine the place where we want to be.

We design purpose filled futures, we draw out strategies with impact, and we generate new business models which put organisations on the path towards profound change.

And from this vision we act, turning ideas in real action.

Weaving innovative ecosystems, supporting co-creation laboratories, developing tech platforms and creating transformative experiences which make these positive futures possible.

Finally, we tell stories to enable transcendence. Stories that inspire, changing mentalities and beliefs.

We do this through the creation of storytelling and communicative platforms, informative content and communication activations which mobilise collective action

We stand out not because of what we do, but how we do it. And with who. And what for.

How do we build positive futures?



We help to understand contexts, ecosystems, and complex challenges

Strategic research
(quantitative and qualitative)
Horizon Scanning
(signs of shifting trends)
Environmental Scanning
(risks and opportunities)



We design scenarios which bring together visions and allow decisions to be made

Scenario Planning
(future scenarios)
Strategies with positive impact
(goals, ESG, DEI...)
Business Design
(models, products and services)


Take action

We accompany the kick off of projects, to achieve positive futures

Innovation Ecosystems
(accelerator, laboratory...)
Tech for Good
(prototypes, tech development)
Transformative Experiences
(training, workshops)


Tell it

Generamos narrativas que consiguen cambiar visiones y mentalidades

New narratives

(communication and storytelling)

Spreading the word
(published content)
Special action
(communication activations)

Some of the organisations that have put their trust in us


The future and social action in childhood and adolescence
Cellnex Foundation
Activating the social strategy of European impact
Unoentrecienmil Foundation
Accelerating childhood leukemia recovery through physical exercise