Our commitment.

At Innuba we are committed to give 30% of our profits back to the community and we do this by contributing our value to wonderful organisations.

By the full or partial dedication of our team or Innubers to these projects.


Pernod Ricard

Definition of strategy with social impact ‘conscious company’, created with purpose, cultural transformation plan, sustainability plan and design of new products and services.

Leroy Merlín

Creation of the corporate purpose and mapping to a strategic model, stakeholder alignment, cultural transformation plan and indicator system for impact assessment.

Yoigo PLA

We created the first ‘Branded Doing’ platform where we give voice to social innovators and on which anyone can take action to change the world. Awards: Effectiveness, Inspirational, Ondas, BCMA Awards: Effectiveness, Inspirational, Ondas, BCMA...

Ayuntamiento de Madrid

Series of courses on new approaches for designing municipal services, joint creation and creative thinking, including thoughtful design, service design and entrepreneurial partnerships.

Yoigo LQVD

Identification of opportunities and territories in the post-Coronavirus environment and creating new products and services consistent with the brand and that have a social and environmental impact.

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