Think and act to be part of the change

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In a highly competitive telecommunications sector which is increasingly regarded with suspicion, Yoigo faced the challenge of revitalising its image and strengthening its identity as a stand out integral operator.

The task was not only to improve people’s perception of the brand but also to link it authentically with values such as honesty, bravery and with a people centred focus. This situation became even more complex with the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic, requiring rapid adaptation to remain relevant and continue to be a support for the community.


In this way ‘I think, then I act’ was born, an innovative platform of ‘Branded Doing’ which turned into a loudspeaker for stories of social entrepreneurship, NGOs and activism which at the same time served as a catalyst for social change.

The platform managed to create a bridge between the community and those who seek to make a difference, positioning Yoigo not just as a telecommunications company but also as an agent of positive change in society.

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