Accelerating childhood leukemia recovery through physical exercise

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In 2018 the Unoentrecienmil Foundation kicked off an investigation project to measure the impact of sport on cancer patients. In its first study the benefit of exercise and the improvement in the patient is clearly observed.

  • The possibilities of a positive outcome (survival) of patients in increased
  • Hospital time is reduced by 17%
  • Secondary effects are reduced and a cardioprotection is created
  • The quality of life and the self esteem of the patients is increased

Within this context, the team at the Unoentrecienmil Foundation have worked with Innuba to implant physical exercise as a non pharmaceutical option for children dealing with cancer.


We began to plan the patient’s journey and experience through an exhaustive ethnographical investigation, identifying and detailing all relevant phases and processes (with people, actions, resources and related channels and emotions). This helped us to define all our the layers of our service and think them out with everyone involved (patients, researchers, medical personnel, experts…).

Finally, we are following through on the activation and systemisation of service, collaborating with partners on prototypes of physical space, leading the design of digital solutions:

  • For researchers the idea is to generate databases which will help them to find a definitive cure.
  • For therapists we want to facilitate and guide the work of data harvesting, and the evaluation of physical exercise sessions.
  • For children and teenagers: Motivate and guide them them to make sure that they follow their treatment and get into the habit of doing exercise.

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