Activating the social strategy of European impact

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Suntory Beverage and Foods Europe operates in more than 60 countries, has more than 3300 employees spread over different countries and operates in its own installations in France, Spain and the United Kingdom. In the context of this complex multicultural setting the RSC got in contact with Innuba to help define an impact model and a strategy for transmitting this model to all its European offices, with the aim of offering an innovative focus of RSC’s company strategy.


Using the brand positioning analysis called ‘Follow your Nature’ hand in hand with methodologies of co-creation and co-design, all teams in the region were brought on board with the aim of gathering the specifics of the market and cultural contexts of each country.

The result was the definition of a Model of European Social Impact and the design of a common Activation Toolkit, to be applied in each country. The Model offered strategic orientation and the toolkit allowed for all the European countries to come into line flexibly in the subject of sustainability and impact.

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