Creating a new business line in industrial recycling and repair



Surus, specialized in the dismantling of large power plants, needed to maximize the profitability of the process through the sale of recovered resources. To achieve this, they identified an organization capable of repairing, retrofitting, and certifying engines, increasing their resale value by 4 to 10 times, depending on their characteristics.

The mission was to create a new business line in the field of industrial repair and recycling.

Innuba supported Surus in designing an innovative digital service for the recovery and sale of industrial assets. This service includes a process of inspection, possible repair, and certification, allowing the assets to be reused.


After a detailed analysis of the company’s context and the sector, Innuba developed an innovative service that includes:

  • Automatic evaluation of the engine to determine its usability.
  • Logistics and storage process.
  • Engine enhancement and certification.
  • Sale through a marketplace.

The service was validated thanks to the engine warranty, its traceability, and the positive impact compared to a new one, as well as the significant savings in time and costs. To implement the service, an initial investment in technology and stock was required. Innuba created a pitch and a business plan to demonstrate the project’s viability and profitability.

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