Our strength lies in the mix. Unstoppable innovation comes from connecting people with wide ranging talents and a common goal. People who strive to create positive futures from complex presents.


The Innuba team is made up of people with diverse viewpoints, training and experience. People whose work is driven by shared goals.

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David Alayón
Chief Executive Officer & Co-founder
Maritza_S2 copia
Maritza Guaderrama
PhD Managing Partner
Jose Carnero
Chief Creative Officer & Co-founder
DSC01564 copia
Nora Miralles
Strategic Designer Director
Patricia Ávila
Project Content Executive
Paloma Madrid
Office Manager
Bárbara Gras
Strategic Designer & Project Manager
Guillermo Mondelli
Strategic Designer
Borja Esnaola
Project Manager & Business Consultant
Coco Rodrigo
Strategic Designer, Communication
Adolfo Berraquero
Strategic Project Manager
Ainara Iturain
Project Manager & Consultant
Pepo Jiménez
Communication Manager
Maialen Zamorano
Project Manager & Consultant
Carlos Recio
Project Manager & Consultant
Néstor Barrado
Chief Financial Officer
Tina Gama
Tina Gama
Chief Executive Officer Teralco
Silvia Bajo
Silvia Bajo
Marketing and Communication Consultant
Álex Pallete
Álex Pallete
Chief Strategy Officer at PICNIC
Javier Cantoral
Corporate President Teralco
Marta Fontcuberta
Marta Fontcuberta
Executive coach & Mentor

Network of Innubers

Our Innubers are a network of more than 100 experts in different areas who, thanks to their talent and experience, help us to resolve specific challenges. Want to come aboard?

At Innuba we are part of the B Corp movement, a collective effort that seeks to navigate complexity towards a fairer, regenerative and more inclusive economic model.

B Corp is a worldwide movement of more than 7000 organisations looking to change its impact on society and the planet to reduce inequality, respect the environment and strengthen communities.

This path challenges us to rethink and act in a way that allows us to build positive futures for everyone, taking on practices which answer today’s most urgent social and environmental challenges.

For people, for the planet, for the future. Together we are tracing a path towards a future in which success is measured not solely by profit, but by the wellbeing of our communities and the health of our planet.

20 %
of profits are destined to impact projects

Here are just a few of the organisations that have confided in us