The Innuba Daily planner

A notebook that reminds you that a small change in how we live today can change the future forever.

Imagine a year where every day was Today

Yes, we know. The world does not need more notebooks, more things. The world needs to stop, but sometimes we just don't know how.

This notebook is an invitation, for you. A space for reflection and time with yourself. It is probably one of the most urgent invitations you will receive TODAY, an invitation to reflect on the true connectivity of individuals.

This notebook, between the theoretical and the practical, is intended as a daily reminder to every person, every company, every institution... to start TODAY to stop, to reflect and to become more aware of ourselves and of the world we are building every day. Today is the perfect day to change it.

It is urgently needed that we become aware that the real path is created today, that TODAY is the perfect day to...

  • ...slow down.
  • ...produce with more common sense.
  • ...consume more sustainable products.
  • ...be more caring towards my children.
  • ...take better care of the people around me.
  • ...eat more vegetables.
  • ...walk a little further.
  • ...be the you you hoped to be.

TODAY you begin to be the change you want for yourself, for your business, for the world.

no screen

8 inch panorama no screen, to avoid distractions.

no wires

No inputs or outputs of any kind. Wireless/cable free.No attachments.

No wifi, no 5g

No connectivity to anything other than yourself.

no battery

Recharging function for you, to give you 365 days of autonomy.

The day has come!

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